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2023 UPDATE:

Duplicate Directory! v2

Duplicate Directory is now in version 2 with a cleaner UI and more features!

  – Copy entire folder structures or directory trees without files
  – Copy all files from a folder and subfolders without copying the folders
  – Copy only specific file types from directories, with or without their folder structure


Original Post:

It’s been a bit since I was able to post because I buried myself in Advanced Workflows with Premiere Pro, making sure it’d be ready before the end of this year – what an unexpected challenge!  Anyway, with that course officially launched, I thought why not come back with something super exciting:  duplicating folders!

What? Not exciting enough for you?  Well I’m excited because I developed some simple software to help you copy a folder structure without any of the files and I’m giving it away!

One takeaway from Advanced Workflows is the need to duplicate a directory on a media drive so that it exactly matches a source drive.  With the intricacy of some folder structures, doing that by hand could take hours – there must be a better way!

Free Duplicate Directory! Software

Well give it a Google and you’ll quickly see that any decent method of duplicating a folder structure revolves around knowing how to use Terminal or Powershell, which isn’t ideal.  After stumbling across Scott Simmon’s post on the same issue, I learned that Digital Rebellion’s Post Haste can accomplish copying a folder directory without the files, but in a roundabout way.

I needed some software that was stupid simple, so I developed it:  Duplicate Directory!      It’s not flashy, and that’s the point.

Duplicate Directory! works on Windows and Mac, has 3 buttons, and does 1 thing – duplicates entire folder trees.  It’s pay what you want, so if you find it useful, please consider tossing some clams to this post-production blogger.

The Hard Way…

So you say you’re not a fan of free things?  Then let’s take a stroll into Windows Powershell and Mac Terminal and I’ll show you how to copy a folder structure without files using some easy commands.

Windows PowerShell

Windows 10 users can copy folder structures without files using the robocopy command in PowerShell:
robocopy [source] [destination] /e /xf *

Mac Terminal

Mac users have a bit more intricate command using rsync in Terminal , but that’s not so bad with a friendly copy and paste:


rsync -av -f”+ */” -f”- *” [source] [destination]


More Workflow Tips

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