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Have you ever needed to export a bunch of still images from Premiere Pro?  You know, like maybe you want to experiment with thumbnail options or your producer has asked you to create a shotlog that includes an image for every single clip in an edit.  In Premiere, there was no good way to do this, until now.

What is Permanent Markers?

Permanent Markers is the Premiere Pro extension that lets you batch export still frames from sequences in Premiere Pro.  

Permanent Markers will export a still image in your timeline at every marker location or you can filter exports based on marker color and IN/OUT points.  

Exports are available in multiple resolutions and multiple file types (includes alpha channel options).  Stills can be automatically renamed based on the marker name or by using the built-in naming template builder.


  • Batch Export Still Images
  • Multiple Resolution Options
  • Multiple File Types (including alpha channel options)
  • Marker Filtering based on color and IN/OUT points
  • Naming Options based on marker names or customized with the built-in template builder