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So you want to learn how to edit video?  Great!  Video is so integrated into our society that I personally feel it’s a great skill learn for anyone to learn.  If you find you’re like me and love to edit, it also makes for a fulfilling career.  

To help get you started on your path, I’ve developed a FREE 10-part course to teach you how to edit video in Adobe Premiere Pro.  Don’t have a Creative Cloud subscription?  No sweat.  Get a free trial of Premiere here.

Skip the blah blah blah – take me to the course already.


You might be wondering:

“Um, who are you and why should I trust you”? 

Well my name is Chris Salters and I have a passion for post-production – specifically a love for video editing.  My career has spanned the major players in the NLE game.  It’s taken me from learning to edit on Avid Media Composer, diving into Final Cut Pro 7, crying when FCP X was announced, swinging back to Avid, and most recently landing in Adobe Premiere Pro – sometimes DaVinici Resolve too.

I earned my stripes grinding through the ranks at a Hollywood trailer house, edited and produced for multiple Division 1 Athletic programs as well as NASCAR, and now operate as a freelance post-production solution for clients across the US and Canada.  

Ok, fair enough…

“So why a free course?  What’s the catch?”

No catch.  The course below is 100% free and includes footage, music, sound effects, project files, and some of my custom presets for Premiere Pro.  I built this course as a stepping stone to bigger and better courses that will teach budding video editors to be faster, smarter, better editors.

My goal is to provide courses that give aspiring video editors a leg up by teaching important technical concepts, workflows, time-saving strategies, and best standard practices used by agencies, studios, and post-houses. Take a look at my Courses Page for more.


a FREE 10-part course

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