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Part 3 of 10

Now for the fun part.  It’s time to get our hands dirty and play around with some footage.  Part 3 lays the groundwork for how to get media from the Project panel to the Timeline. With these building blocks we’ll start the actual edit in Part 4.  So let’s cover some basic types of edits, meaning adding clips to the timeline, cutting those clips, trimming those clips, and general clip manipulation.  Grab the free footage and project files at the bottom of the page.

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10 Essential Edits

In/Out Points – Markers set in the Source Monitor and/or Timeline window indicating what portion of a clip will be placed into a timeline and where.  

Keyboard shortcut:  (I) and (O)  

Drag & Drop – Audio or video can be pulled from the Source Monitor into the Timeline by clicking and dragging with the mouse.  Clips can also be pulled from the Project panel straight into the Timeline.  If In / Out points are set, only that portion of the clip will enter the timeline.  Otherwise the entire clip is added. 

Insert – The Insert edit adds a clip into the timeline at the play head.  As it does, it pushes all clips forward from the edit down the timeline.  

Better Editor Keyboard Shortcut:  (V)

Overwrite – The overwrite edit lays a clip on top of whatever is in the timeline, whether that’s blank space or actual media.  Any media that is overwritten is replaced by the newly added clip.  

Better Editor Keyboard Shortcut:  (B)

Add Edit – Can’t state this enough, this is my favorite edit.  Add edit acts like the razor blade tool, but much faster.  It will add an edit point where the play head sits to a selected clip or clips or will add an edit to all clips on targeted tracks.

Better Editor Keyboard Shortcut:  (G)

Slip – Slipping a clip allows the clip’s content to slip forward or backward in the timeline while keeping the clip’s duration in the timeline the same.  

Better Editor Keyboard Shortcut:  (S)

Nudge – Moves clips forward or backwards in the timeline, overwriting anything in the clip’s path.  Very helpful for fine-tuning edits.  

Better Editor Keyboard Shortcut:  (,) and (.)

 Copy & Paste – The name says it all.  Select a clip or clips in the timeline, hit copy, move the play head, and hit paste, then you’ll have duplicate versions of the clip or clips you started with.  

Keyboard Shortcut:  (ctrl+C) or (cmd+C)  [copy] and (ctrl+V) or (cmd+V) [paste]

Alt Drag – Similar to copy and paste, alt dragging a clip in the timeline will create a duplicate of the clip or clips being dragged to wherever you let go with the mouse.


Trim – Trimming comes in a couple of flavors:

  • Ripple Trim – The ripple trim extends or shortens a selected clip or clips while also moving all media following the edit forwards or backwards.
  • Roll Trim – Rolling shortens or lengthens a clip.  If the edit being rolled between two clips it will lengthen the clip on one side of the edit while shortening the clip on the other side, depending on the direction the mouse is moved.  If the edit is at the end of the clip, meaning it’s next to blank space, rolling just shortens or lengthens the clip.