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Today I’m following up on a request from a few folks to see an edit from start to finish.  Depending on the edit this could be a daunting question, but I saw it as an opportunity to build a simple fun edit for the Better Editor audience.  If you just stumbled on this page and aren’t sure where to start with video editing, check this out.

For the edit I pulled some awesome footage from Artgrid.io of a drummer in a warehouse going to town on a drum set and paired it with an equally awesome music cue from Artlist.io.  The whole process was an adventure in making the footage appear to be made for the music cue – which it definitely was not!  It was a fun exercise and I recorded the entire edit from beginning to end in hopes that you might pick up something for yourself from how I work.  

As a plus, this edit was then used in my new Advanced Workflows course as one of the examples for how to overcut footage.  If you’re not familiar with overcutting or why you need to know how to do it as a video editor, you should check out the course!

The Entire Edit from Scratch

There’s not much to discuss with this post as it really is just watching me edit and my internal process for how I pull a basic cut together.  That said, I do lean heavily on my custom Better Editor hotkeys that match up to the keystroke overlay on the bottom of the video.

Footage and Project File Downloads

Since the finished edit is part of the new Advanced Workflows course, the clean footage and music is included with the course (along with a lot more).  Advanced Workflows is a worthwhile investment to anyone serious about video editing as a career choice and I hope that you’ll consider it as a tool to build the foundation to your editing career.

If you’re not interested in the course, that’s okay too!  The final project file is downloadable at the bottom of the post.  You can also download the watermarked source footage directly from Artgrid.io here and watermarked music cue from Artlist.io here.  All you need to do is re-link the project once you have all the media.

2 Months Free

I cannot emphasize enough that Artgrid.io and Artlist.io‘s content and ease of licensing is unmatched in the industry.  If you’re considering a subscription to either site for yourself, check out these links for an additional 2 free months on top of any year-long subscription!

             – Artgrid.io Subscription + 2 Free Months! – Stock Footage Library

             – Artlist.io Subscription + 2 Free Months! – Stock Music Library

Drummer Edit Project File