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Today’s tip is gonna be quick and dirty.  Quick because it’s stupid easy and it’s dirty because that’s just part of the saying.  In my free course for learning Adobe Premiere, I discuss what I consider essential edits.  The Replace With Clip function inside Premiere Pro is next on the continuation of that list.  If you add a hotkey to your keyboard preferences and start utilizing this tool, you’ll wonder how you ever edited without it.

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Setup for Success

Before learning the actual edit, let’s first setup a hotkey on your keyboard to trigger this bad boy.  If you need a refresher on setting keyboard prefs, this should help.  With the keyboard shortcuts dialogue box open, search for “Replace With Clip”, and add a hotkey to “From Source Monitor”.  The Better Editor keyboard uses ctrl/cmd+R.


Utilizing the Tool

Using Replace With Clip the way that I do, you essentially speed up the process of adding a 3-point edit.  I’ll regularly be cruising through an edit and rather than setting multiple in/out points or dragging clips into a sequence, I’ll instead alt drag to duplicate a clip close to the location I’m parked at and then use Replace With Clip to fill the duplicated clip with new content from the source monitor.

There are 2 main steps when performing this edit.  First, load media into the source monitor and select an in point.  Next, right click a clip in the sequence and point to Replace With Clip > From Source Monitor.  Doneskies.

The Backup Option

Unless my edit just really sucks and I don’t care about the clip I’m trying to replace, I generally add another quick step in-between the 2 listed above by holding alt and dragging the clip in question to duplicate it first.  This let’s me fall back to my original clip if I don’t like the way the new one works in the sequence.

That’s it.  I’d love to sugarcoat this more, but this is genuinely a very simple easy shortcut that you can incorporate into your Premiere editing workflow that will dramatically increase how fast you cut an edit together.  With that, I’ll leave you to enjoy the free footage, music, and project files. 

Go forth and cut!